Accounting and finance in Odoo

Accounting made easy - nice design, easy to understand, comprehensive functions

The accounting in Odoo is suitable for all sizes of business. The system allows your employees in accounting a good cooperation with different involved place. The communication and work with your accountant, trustee, your customers and suppliers is significantly simplified.

Since the complete solution is very extensive, you can activate only the applications you need. Options available range for the integrated analysis-accounting, budget management, the balance sheet, up to the consolidation of several companies.

Accounting with Odoo is easy:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Simplified cooperation
  • Efficient payment orders
  • Integration Shopping
  • Integration sales
  • Analytical Accounting
  • Scalability
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Buchhaltung. Einfach. Leicht.

Beratung vereinbaren
trace all agreements

Intuitive interface

Odoo enables the integration of communication with suppliers in the respective order. Consequently, you have an easy way to be able to trace all agreements.

Improve cooperation

Cooperation in the field of accounting is greatly facilitated by Odoo. Together with your team and accountants, you have access to all financial information, invoices, statistics. The data can be seen when you are out of the office, at home or while you are on the road.

field of accounting
import and control of your bank statements

Data exchange with your bank

The accounting of Odoo allows the import and control of your bank statements with just a few clicks. Payment orders may be easily prepared on the basis of supplier invoices and corresponding payment.

Electronic invoices with the Odoo accounting module

With the Odoo accounting module you can send invoices to your customers with a single click. You can send a bill as a PDF attachment. Further more Odoo is creating dunning letters for overdue payments automatically according to your configuration.

By our own additional module, you can also create the ZUGFeRD format. More information can be found here.

Electronic Invoices
sale invoices

Integrate sales

Odoo provides the ability to create invoices automatically based on customer orders, delivery notes, contracts or time and material expenses. Invoices for additional work or additional services can be generated with a few clicks.

Integrate purchase

Odoo helps you control your supplier invoices, through the automatic matching of the invoice with the corresponding purchase order. Your inventory or warehouse stock can be created in Odoo in real time, as a report or directly in your accounting.

Purchase order
Analysis, Dashboard and KPIs accounting

Analysis, dashboard and KPIs accounting 

You can integrate custom analyzes of the timesheet, project evaluations, bills, fees, etc... Manual analysis or transaction lists are invalid. Odoo created the evaluations and reports automatically, based on your individual rules.

With Odoo you have full access on your key information. You have a dynamic, customizable dashboard available on your needs. Analyze your accounting with the drill-up, drill-down, or the drill-across method. You also have the option to filter your scores and results on the configuration accordingly to represent desired information.

Everything that is needed for growth in the Odoo finance

You have control over your income, your cost structure, your budget and the multi-level accounting. They have all the necessary functions to control your business processes.

business processes with odoo
odoo solution

Odoo grows with your business

The modular design of Odoo is a solution used by both small and very large companies. Odoo is scalable and supports multiple currencies and multiple users with appropriate access permissions. The solution is client-capable, consolidated accounting and operating results of different companies in real time and provides a range of analysis models.


We are happy to inform you include and professionally to the possibilities with Odoo. More about the IT IS AG, as well as our products and services, see here.

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